Decorating The Balcony Of Your Apartment

If you Check Out the BEST apartments in Charlotte, you will find out that every well decorated and well-designed apartment has a balcony which is being designed to give the most aesthetic looks. You can plan your apartment’s balcony accordingly as well. Here are some of the ideas that you can think of implementing on your balcony design.

Think about building in layers of plants to give a natural look to your balcony. The plants that require sun can be placed higher and the ones which need shade can be placed in the lower layer. The corners can be filled in with bigger herbs like tomato plants or rosemary. Ensure that you water them regularly and fertilize and trim them on regular basis as well. It will definitely make your balcony look like a paradise. In case you are on upper floors, you need to ensure that plants are placed in a secured manner so that they do not crash on the neighbors living below you.

Amongst the easiest of ways that you can implement for making the balcony even comfortable is adding a couple of chairs and one small table on the balcony. This will provide you with the place where you can sit back and admire that entire view which is in front of you, have some pleasant conversation and even enjoy the snack in the afternoon.

The seating should now be matched with space. If the balcony is skinny and long, you can think about parking a bench, hanging swing, multifunction storage bench as well as some side table to place drinks, glasses, books, suntan lotion or some other such items. Adding plants, herbs and flowers as the room permits can be a good idea as well. This might not become your balcony’s focus but plants are a source of adding color, personal touch giving your balcony a homey look.

You can add lighting to your balcony in different ways as well. If the electrical outlets are present on the balcony then you can think about adding some outdoor lamp which tends to be inexpensive as well. You can even use the bulbs with low-wattage for a comfortable and warm glow. Using the string of mini lights in white strung up along the perimeter to give attractive effect. In case if electricity is not available on the balcony then you can think about using candles that can be one beautiful way of bringing light in there. Ensure that the covenant allows for them and you must extinguish these at the time of leaving the balcony. Unless you have an enclosed balcony, ensure that the furniture that is being bought is completely adaptable. Having soggy seat is something you would never want to have.

You can also think about nicest barbecue which fits in easily on your balcony. You can make it the centerpiece placing it in front of exit and entry doors if that’s possible for you.